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Welcome to the Village of Kaleva

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Welcome to the Village of Kaleva, the heart of Manistee County, is located just 10 miles from the shores of Lake Michigan. The Village of Kaleva was incorporated in 1900 by Finnish immigrants, and was named after the epic poem - "The Kalevala".

The Village of Kaleva is recognized as a historic Finnish community in Northwest Michigan offering a growing economy and affordable living in a clean and safe environment in the heart of Manistee County.

We have many businesses, historical sites, local events and unique character that draw residents and tourists alike. 

Check out more about the Village of Kaleva and learn why we are the heart of Manistee County.



In Person at the Maple Grove Community Center

6:00pm for regular meeting

Winter 2022 Newsletter   or

December and January Calendar



2021 Water Consumer Confidence Report

Come see us at the Maple Grove Township Community Center on Mondays and Thursday from 10am-2pm. 

Manistee County Election Results

Reminder there is no overnight parking on the streets from Nov 1st till April

Thank you to Dorn Gallatin and Sonya Lynn for the pictures being used on our website.

 Thank you to Bay Area Recycling for Charities for the donation of dumpsters.

Recycling has moved to Bay Area Recycling for Charity over on Industrial Drive.

 For more information about the history of Kaleva and historical site in our area, visit the Kaleva Historical Society.

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