Fire Department

Village of Kaleva

The Maple Grove Township Fire Department is a fire department and rescue squad at the Medical First Responder Level.  Our fire department has been been active since 1946 and is located in Kaleva’s Industrial park.  Our coverage area is Maple Grove Township, The Village of Kaleva and Marilla Township.  


Fire Chief: Jason Vess

Our physical location and mailing address:

Maple Grove Township Fire Department

9450 Vesi St

Kaleva, MI 49660


Phone: 231-362-2314

Fax: 231-362-2314

We do NOT issue burning permits.  For a burning permit please call the state of Michigan. For an application to be a fireman/MFR please call 231-362-3825.

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Email Us

P: 231-362-3366

F: 231-362-3386

Village Office: 

9219 Aura St

Kaleva MI 49645

Maple Grove Township

Email Us

P: 231-362-3825

F: 231-362-2555

Township Office: 

9213 Aura St

PO Box 48

Kaleva MI 49645

Village of Kaleva