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Village of Kaleva

Maple Grove Township Cemetery is hallowed ground and shares with all sacred places regulations to insure reverence, neatness and order. The Maple Grove Township Cemetery is located on 9 mile road and Kaleva Street and is a centennial cemetery. Our sexton is David Beldo and he may be contacted by calling 231.620.9765 or 231.362.3825Our common responsibility for the upkeep of our cemetery calls for all to observe these regulations:


All artificial arrangements are only permitted in an urn or pot aligned with headstones Other arrangements such as wreaths and blankets are only permitted during winter months from Nov. 1 to April 1. After April 1 they will be removed for spring cleanup. 


No planting of trees, shrubs or placement of statues on any lot unless approved by the Township Board. If not approved by the Board, they will be removed.


All flower urns, pots and statues must be in line with markers or monuments.


Planting of live flowers in ground are permitted within an area of 14” from the grave marker or monument only. Borders must be within this area.


Waste material requirements restrict the use of litter barrels to non-composting items only – i.e. artificial flowers, plastic pots.  


Roller blading, snowmobiles, motorcycles, ATVs, skateboards, dogs, horses and other pets are NOT permitted on cemetery property. Please remember this is a sacred place and not a public park!


Absolutely no snowplowing allowed in Maple Grove Township Cemetery unless approved by the Maple Grove Township Board.


New artificial arrangements can be put on by May 1 of each year in urns or pots aligned with the headstones. (Added as of 6/9/2008)


No privately owned timers on water hoses allowed. Water hoses left on a timer or left unattended will be removed by order of the Township Board. (Added as of 6/10/2013)


No sporting activity of any kind (i.e. golfing, snowmobiling, baseball etc.) shall be allowed anywhere on cemetery property encompassing all 40 acres. (Added as of 8/12/2013)

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