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Village of Kaleva

Welcome to the Village of Kaleva, the heart of Manistee County, is located just 10 miles from the shores of Lake Michigan. The Village of Kaleva was incorporated in 1900 by Finnish immigrants, and was named after the epic poem - "The Kalevala".

Click here to learn more about the Village of Kaleva; get information about the area, timely notices, look up local ordinances and more.

Village of Kaleva Consumer Confidence Report 2023

Maple Grove Township

Welcome to Maple Grove Township of Manistee County Michigan. Maple Grove Township is in the center of the Bear Creek Watershed, in the center of the county. Our area boasts many miles of wooded forest and bodies of water, making it perfect for hunting, fishing, camping, biking, outdoor sports and more. 

Please watch for our Amish neighbors in Maple Grove Township and Kaleva.

 Horse-drawn buggies are dark in color, and travel around 5-8 miles per hour. Because rural roads are often more narrow, there can be increased danger when passing horses and horse-drawn buggies. Blind corners, open ditches, loose gravel and grass berms can also be hazardous.

And please - do not honk your horn - it can spook the horse. 

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